Interview Preparation Tips For Success

Published: 20th November 2016
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For so many people, career interviews can be a worrying affair.

Nowadays, with economic uncertainties, and escalating unemployment, every person facing an interview needs to be absolutely sure that they are putting their finest foot forward in the interview process. It can often be difficult to anticipate when you have an interview, so you have to be ready for everything that comes your way. Sound impossible?

Here are some tips to get you ready for any type of interview.

-- Get yourself ready for the Skype interview

In recent years, work and business interviews are being conducted over Skype. As someone looking to be hired, you ought to be certain your Skype interview blows them away. Get online half an hour before your interview is scheduled.

Be sure you look as neat and presentable as you would if this became a face to face interview. Make sure that your camera is fully functioning and check to see what your surroundings look like on camera. Make sure the area the camera can see is clean, tidy, free of any personal items, and quiet, and you're all ready to go.

-- Acing the phone interview

This alternative interview approach is being used more and more by organizations wanting to save time and narrow down their list of applicants. That being said, it's essential that you make a fantastic impression immediately. Use a reliable phone line (land lines are best, if you have access to one) and disable your call waiting. Speak slowly and articulate clearly and you'll create a good impression.

-- Never interupt.

Over the telephone or Skype, it can sometimes be difficult to know your cues, but as a rule of thumb you should never interrupt the person conducting the interview. You'll want to come across as eager and enthusiastic, as if you're really interested in the questions being asked. Be as prepared for your phone interview as you would be for a regular one. Prepare questions, take notes, and project an air of confidence.

-- Surviving the feared group interview

The group interview is an all too often dreaded experience, but you can't let yourself be psyched out by the group interview dynamic. Remaiin calm and relaxed. You want to make sure that you talk and represent yourself well, but don't get caught up in competition with your other interviewees and end up grabbing the spotlight or falling back into the shadows. Don't jump to always be the first one to answer the questions. Just as in an individual interview, give yourself time to think about your answer and formulate it well. Make a list of pertinent questions and raise them during the interview. This should help set you apart from the others.

For any type of interview, there are a number of things you should always do, no matter what format the interview takes.

Listen well and ask questions. Bring a notepad, take notes and refer back to them if necessary. Dress to impress, even if you won't be meeting your future employer in person. It will make you feel like the professional that you are. Always send a follow up thank you email soon after the interview. Express your thanks and your real interest in the position. Let your prospective employer know you're available for a second interview if necessary.

Interviewing really doesn't have to be a stressful experience. If you are well prepared then you should have everything you need to make your interview a great success.


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