Hypnotherapy Help for Driving Anxiety and Driving Fear

Published: 17th December 2008
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Driving anxiety and fear of driving, whether on roads, freeways or motorways, is a fairly common issue in today's busy world.

Often, the person suffering from this truly debilitating driving fear may have been a confident driver for years and then, suddenly or gradually, a real apprehension takes hold which not only produces severe anxiety, but can even prevent the individual from driving at all.

Needless to say, a driving phobia or fear of driving is a real handicap, seriously restricting the individual's freedom of movement and affecting both their work and social life.

It can seriously compromise the individual's ability to live life in a normal manner.

But just as nobody was born with the pre-formed ability to drive, so nobody was born with the pre-formed fear of driving. It is a conditioned response, a learned behaviour. And, as such, it can indeed be 'unlearned'.

With the right approach, and in expert hands, the fear of driving or driving phobia - whether motorway driving, freeway driving, or driving on any other road - is in fact relatively simple to treat and cure.

The actual mechanism that most often causes this fear is fairly simple to understand.

What has happened is that at some time in the past, the individual has experienced some kind of frightening, anxiety-generating experience associated with driving.Perhaps this has produced a motorway phobia or a driving anxiety that compels the individual to be scared of driving in any form.

As a result of this experience, the subconscious mind has formed the belief that driving is indeed a highly dangerous activity for the driver. And so it produces anxiety and fear in order to ensure that the individual does not easily get behind the wheel and drive.

In fact, anxiety is a symptom that is produced in response to fear.

When the subconscious mind believes that something bad is about to occur, it triggers a flow of adrenelin that courses through the body and brain, eliciting the classic 'fight or flight' response. It sets fear in motion.

The subconscious mind is, quite simply, attempting to ensure the safety of the driver.

But, unfortunately, it has got things wrong. It has internalised a false belief and, far from helping the driver, it is in fact seriously handicapping.

With advanced transformational hypnotherapy, we are able to uncover the faulty belief - the incorrect programming - and align it with reality.

We are able to reach down and neutralize the incorrect perception and thus eliminate the irrational fear or phobia.

Once the subconscious mind has accepted that there really is no need to continue to trigger the anxiety and fear, then the individual is free to resume driving in a calm and confident manner.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a fear of driving or driving phobia, if you are really scared of driving, there really is effective driving fear and driving phobia help.

With the expert application of advanced transformational hypnotherapy, you truly can regain your freedom and once again enjoy driving.


Peter Field is a leading British hypno-psychotherapist with practices in London and in Birmingham, England. Peter is a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. More of his absorbing articles, information on hypnotherapy for driving phobia and other useful facts can be found on his website: Peter Field Hypnotherapy Birmingham

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