Bashful Bladder - Treating Avoidant Paruresis with Hypnotherapy

Published: 08th April 2009
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Many people have experienced short episodes of hesitation or 'shy bladder' when about to urinate in a public toilet or urinal.

Indeed, public toilets with their close proximity to others can sometimes have a temporary inhibiting affect on even the most confident person.

But for the person experiencing bashful bladder syndrome - or avoidant paruresis to give it its medical name - the difficulty exceeds simple hesitation in urinating.

Indeed, in extreme cases, paruresis can make it physically impossible to urinate anywhere other than at home.

(A similar condition which affects the ability to defecate when away from home is called 'parcopresis'.)

Paruresis is an anxiety disorder that is known by several different common or garden names: bashful bladder, shy bladder, pee shyness being the most frequently used.

Though not something often discussed at the dinner table, paruresis or shy bladder is certainly not something to be ashamed of.

Indeed, research suggests that it is much more common than is generally acknowledged, with a full 7% of the population suffering from this condition in one form or another.

Though paruresis is often thought of as something affecting only men, the fact is that it can affect both men and women.

This is a condition that has the capacity to exert a truly debilitating affect on a person's life.

Chronic sufferers of shy bladder syndrome may find it extremely difficult to travel very far from their home.

Others may find it impossible to urinate in their own home if they can hear anyone else there.

The origins of bashful bladder syndrome are several and varied.

Often the person suffering from paruresis has experienced an embarrassing situation in the past which conditioned him or her to respond in this way when attempting to urinate away from the safety of home.

Such an event or series of events may be recalled, or may simply have been forgotten by the conscious mind and beyond access to conscious memory.

For others, paruresis is actually a symptom of much deeper problems that may be connected with issues of self-esteem.

Moreover, shy bladder syndrome can be part of a more generalized anxiety disorder, such as social anxiety.

Or paruresis may be indicative of an inner, deep-seated insecurity regarding sexual functioning, identity or orientation.

However, if there is a common denominator with bashful bladder, it appears to be that practically everyone who experiences it is in some way extremely self-conscious.

What is happening is that the powerful subconscious mind is functioning in a hyper-vigilant way when it comes to allowing the person to urinate away from the home.

Believing that the individual is in some way needing protection, it is simply doing its best to ensure the safety of the person by discouraging the free flow of urine.

The good news is that with the correct kind of hypnotherapy, in the right hands, bashful bladder can indeed be successfully treated.

Using advanced transformational hypnotherapy techniques it is possible to uncover the origin of this disorder and then neutralize its driving force.

Through the skilful application of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the individual can rediscover his or her own self esteem and inner confidence so that they can move on with their life in a free and positive manner.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with the truly inconvenient condition known as pee shyness, bashful bladder, shy bladder syndrome or paruresis, do not despair. Help is available.

Working with an experienced and fully qualified transformational hypnotherapist, you can once more return to your natural state.

You can be freed from urinary inhibition and get on with your life.

Why not contact an experienced transformational hypnotherapist now and talk to him or her about effective hypnotherapy treatment for your bashful bladder?

You'll be really glad you did!


Peter Field is one of the foremost British hypnotherapists, with busy clinics in both Birmingham and London, England. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health and Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. For more of his interesting articles, help with shy bladder and other helpful information, please visit his website: Peter Field Hypnotherapy Birmingham & London UK

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